Hopefully you will appreciate this philosophy as much as we do

Est. 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Open for business world wide.

Savvy’s team is ready to solve your creative riddles and wants you to be happy with the final results.
A network of creative minds — designers, artists, writers, filmmakers, and more — working by your side as a good partner should.

We put you at the heart of every innovative idea and we make things happen in a down-to-earth way, so we all get that "awesome job" feeling.

It ain't just a dump of bad-ass cool-looking text, our values are what we're built off.
If it doesn't resonate — don't bother

We're on this together
Unity, not u n i t y.

Swift decision-makers
We're on a mission. No bureaucracy, justprogress.

Crafted with care
One size fits none. We make sure to fit your

Results over ego
We’re the happiest when your brand shines.

We adapt
We dance, pivot, and adapt like pros.

We hustle
Your vision, your challenges — let’s tackle them head-on.

Out team, out pride
We value each member's uniqueness and skills.

We're all about progress
Personally and as a team. Always learning.

Open minds, open doors
Ideas flow freely here. Diverse perspectives create the freshest concepts.

Graceful goodbyes, always
Sometimes paths diverge. We won’t kidnap your files.

Time's precious
We work hard to keep things efficient.

Embrace the change
That’s how frowns turn to smiles.

The team

Xana Alves


Carla Capela

Head of Ops

Carmo Pinto

Project Manager

Cristina Beites

S.M. Manager

Inês Farah

Junior Designer

Eva Rodrigues

Design Trainee