A-100 100 Merdas

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Maria Rita

We've undergone a repositioning journey for the brand we've nurtured from the beginning, A-100, with the aim of connecting with a more edgy digital audience. The result is our new communication concept: “Vive 100 merdas”, a pun that explores different meanings of the words “hundred” and “without” in Portuguese, which sound alike but have different meanings.
It's about seizing life and embracing it with a healthy, laid-back attitude, and most importantly, without the unnecessary drama. We created a new content strategy more focused on video and animated content, more interactions with the audience, content that responds more immediately to trends, energizing the community and redirecting it to this idea of ​​a club that is materialized in brand loyalty program.
All brand materials both online and offline were redesign to fit this new approach and it was a success bringing the brand to a more edgy and urban attitude.
At the end it’s all about authenticity and living life on your terms.